2018 INTERNATIONAL LONESTAR at www.hlgage.com2018 INTERNATIONAL LONESTAR at www.hlgage.com
2018 INTERNATIONAL LONESTAR at www.hlgage.com2018 INTERNATIONAL LONESTAR at www.hlgage.com
2018 INTERNATIONAL LONESTAR at www.hlgage.com2018 INTERNATIONAL LONESTAR at www.hlgage.com
2018 INTERNATIONAL LONESTAR at www.hlgage.com2018 INTERNATIONAL LONESTAR at www.hlgage.com
2018 INTERNATIONAL LONESTAR at www.hlgage.com2018 INTERNATIONAL LONESTAR at www.hlgage.com

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Whether you are a hazmat carrier or if you are a cattle hauler, the International® LoneStar® turns heads. Whatever you haul, drivers will appreciate the improved ergonomics, ingress and egress for a smoother ride with a tough haul.

When the road is your home, it's best to make the most of it. And with equal parts head-turning style and optimal performance, the LoneStar® does just that. Our DriverFirst® design philosophy has resulted in the quietest, roomiest cab in its class, along with advanced ride and handling.

The LoneStar® has the big bore power performance of the Cummins X15 engine for the heaviest of hauls. But it's also got the efficiency to keep costs down, with an aerodynamic design that reduces drag and adds fuel efficiency.

On the highway or in the city, one thing is undeniable - the International® LoneStar® turns heads. But besides its classic good looks, there are new features to enjoy, including better side visibility, useful for navigating congested streets.

The iconic look of our legendary D-series was like nothing else. With swooping lines and and an imposing grille, it made waves wherever it went. Inspired by that classic look, we set out to create something just as iconic for the 21st century. And once we did, we made sure to offer an equally iconic engine, the Cummins X15.

Made for those who make their own way.
Though inspired by our past, the LoneStar® looks to the future as we continually iterate and improve our design to be truly DriverFirst™ in every way.

Dual B-pillar vertical exhaust comes standard, with your choice of straight or curved designs.

All-new HVAC system designed for reliability, now includes high-performance max defrost.

New mirror design reduces neck strain and increases visibility.

The doors and side windows have been redesigned to improve side visibility.

Advanced aerodynamic design provides improved fuel economy over traditional long hood.

Customizable fuel tanks: 70 - 140 gallon dual, non-polished or polished aluminum, back-of-cab mounted.

DriverFirst™ In Every Detail
Space to Move
New door panels are ergonomically designed to increase hip and elbow room while providing a more comfortable place for drivers to rest their arm, while a full-grip interior handle makes doors easier to open and close, and new door pockets offer additional storage.

Room With a View
Cab doors feature a larger redesigned window to enhance views, reduce blind spots, resulting in improved forward and lateral visibility for the driver.

Greater Accessibility
With wider door openings, a low step in height and a precisely placed grab handle for better three-point balance, the LoneStar® Series makes it easier to get in and out of the cab.

Ergonomic Console
The thoughtfully designed angled center console provides easy access to vehicle controls and USB ports, while the lower console offers improved storage and greater room to move within the cab.

Column-Mounted Shifter
The innovative new shifter is placed on the steering column, allowing drivers to easily reach and operate shifting and engine braking while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

Advanced HVAC System
The innovative new HVAC system helps keep drivers comfortable and the windows clear in extreme weather conditions, while side vents are positioned to keep cold air from blowing on a driver’s hands while driving.

Access Granted
The LoneStar® Series offers exposed fasteners for ease of access, with the fuse panel conveniently placed on the dash for trouble-free access and greater serviceability.

Premium Gauge Cluster
The LoneStar® Premium Gauge Cluster positions gauges and key alerts where drivers can easily view them without distraction, providing optimal viewing in varying light conditions to maximize alertness and minimize eye fatigue. View real-time or average fuel consumption to determine how driving style affects fuel economy performance. See specific axle loading to maximize safety and trailer gap. Safety alerts in cluster eliminate the need for additional displays. Easily monitor tire pressure to improve safety and fuel economy. Customize up to 15 digital gauges to access relevant information.

An optimized drivetrain, improved aerodynamics and reduced weight provide up to a 3% fuel economy gain over previous models.

The LoneStar® doesn’t rely on its good looks, but on what’s under the hood: the Cummins X15. Available with 400–605 hp and between 1,450–2,050 lb.-ft. of torque, it brings big power and performance. We’ve built a hard-working truck around it that gives you a leg up in uptime, visibility and durability.

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff
The HVAC system is all-new and reengineered from the ground up to provide best-in-class reliability and performance — proven through extensive field testing.


90,000 - 140,000 lbs.
52,350 - 60,600 lbs.


Axle Configurations
6x4 SBA
Cab Interior Trim Levels
Cab/Sleeper Configurations
Day Cab | 56" Low Roof Sleeper | 56" Hi-Rise Sleeper | 73" Hi-Rise Sleeper | 73" Sky-Rise Sleeper
132" BBC/ 41" BA
Wheelbase Range
167 - 280"


Cummins® X15: 400-605 hp and 1,450-2,050 lb.-ft. of torque
Exhaust Systems
Single canister after-treatment device | Frame Mounted Right Side, Under Cab or Under Sleeper | Dual B-pillar vertical tailpipe
Frame Rails
Heat Treated Alloy Steel 120,000 PSI
Front Axles
Dana Spicer: 12,350 - 14,600 lbs. | Hendrickson: 12,350 - 14,600 lbs. | Meritor: 12,350 - 14,600 lbs.
Front Suspensions
Mono-leaf Spring: 12,350 - 13,200 lbs. | Taper leaf Spring: 12,350 - 14,600 lbs.
Rear Axles
Tandem | Meritor: 40,000 - 46,000 lbs. | Dana Spicer: 40,000 - 46,000 lbs.
Rear Suspensions
Air Tandem | International: 40,000 lbs. | Hendrickson: 40,000 - 46,000 lbs.
Eaton®: 10, 13, 18-Speed Manual | Eaton UltraShift PLUS: 13, 16, 18-Speed Automated Manual | Eaton Fuller Advantage™ Series: 10-Speed

Other Components

Bosch: 12 Volt, 160 - 200 Amp | Leece-Neville: 12 Volt, 160 - 325 Amp | Delco Remy: 12 Volt, 165 - 300 Amp
Battery System
International®: 12 Volt 1950 - 3000 CCA | Exide: 12 Volt 1950 - 3000 CCA | JCI: 12 Volt 2250 - 3000 CCA | Fleetrite®: 12 Volt 2800 - 5600 CCA | Enersys Odyssey: 12 Volt 4600 CCA
Air Drum Brakes with ABS with Optional Automatic Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control | Air Disc Brakes with Automatic Tractic Control and Electronic Stability Control
Electrical Systems
Fuel Tanks
70 - 140 Gallon Dual, Non-Polished or Polished Aluminum, Mounted Back of Cab
Sheppard Power | TRW